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This is our second EP, recorded at Studio 2 (Vigonovo) and distributed by Go Down Records. Hard copies will be soon purchasable on BandCamp.


released May 15, 2014




GramLines Padua, Italy

7 Dec 2012 - "Burning Lights" Ep release. First EP, recorded at True Colours Studio, PD, Italy.
2013 Spring - tens of gigs in Veneto.
June 2013 Recording sessions at Studio 2 with Cristopher Bacco and Francesco Bruni for the second EP.
Sept 2013 - Altichierock Festival, win the contest amongst 30 bands. First Prize: 1000€ of recording sessions.
15 May 2014 - "Coyote" EP release - Go Down Records
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Track Name: The Thrill of a Breakdown
Expecting the dusk to be bleaker than us on this dry land
Approaching a place where the dust fills the soul of an old man
I misunderstood but I did what I could to preserve my rights
And what did I get?!
And now that the plain is consuming my eyes I can feel it around
The thrill of a breakdown.

What did you forsake?
This Mexican betrayal,
I’ve never thought I
Would grow up so dull.

The suit of a thug who’s draining his mug in a spoiled dive
The amber affair flows up in the air when I speak of a plan
Remembering when we were keeping the fence in an overt asset
What did I get?
And now that the plain gets its water downhill I can hear well,
The thrill of a breakdown.

Save what you may find
Whatever they may say,
In order to be strong.

The kiss of a land is something you can’t rub without pain
The struggle would bear anyhow to drift out but it’s all vain
I shouldn’t explain but I’ll do it again if I’ll ever be there
Do I have no fear?
And now that the plain is outreaching the rift I can hear well,
The thrill of a breakdown.
Track Name: The Bone
I could no longer retain, holding me back from calling your name,
should I throw or should I've been thrown away,
we are roaming aside in the ash.
This is how I'm losing touch, how I'm getting the gist out of the nut, is it the core of the bash, the room for our trash, they're holding the rules
gettin'old for the cash.
And I am standing there, on the edge, floating like a wasp.

I could no longer retreat, give in exchange my bones for a gift,
I don't give a shit, is this the time for the beasts? at least we'll be able to emerge from the mist.
This is how I'm getting rude, as soon as you're listening you get in the mood,
is it for the groove? Am I holding you?
And I am standing there, on the edge, floating like a wasp.
And I'm gonna wreck all of those cabs, drifting like a wasp.

In the mean of the fest is our hero collapsing to death, a swear by this eyes, they're burning the rooms for a glimmering stack and I'm giving them help, what the hell and standing so close to the edge, where else could I be, should I float like a wasp on the flood, I'm going down, what if drown?!
How did I get so dull?!

All my friends are gone away but I remind them all
Any time I try to speak my voice sounds like a drawl
Anytime I try to stand my knees begin to ache
All my friends are gone and I am living for today
But I’m getting higher on you
I’m getting high with you
Hold me fast as I fall.
Track Name: The Road
Light fades into dust and coal burns the inner bond
Bleed in the midst of the war so I'll never get over the ground
so close to the reef that I remember when we've been so different.

The road get its deal in the end my dear I'm not the keeper of this wasted land
Sight is no longer a friend, touch makes it disappear.
Oh, slide through my hand, survival or bittersweet surrendering,
wake me if I would have a sleep twitch.

Climb it up to the end
rip it all with my hands,
I will get the whole shelf
and then I start again.
Shake the wood off the bone
shoot the grief with a gun
lose a leg for my son
and then I slam.

When all started to fade
There was no way to get through
How could you stare at me when
I am starving as you do?
I'm reaching the sea to make sure
for me there will be no graveyard,
but I've gone further than I thought.
Track Name: The Last of the Villains
What do you think when you look and the sky,
probably wishing a gleaming surprise
and steadily realize that the dots are all gone?
could have we stolen the stars from their place
to bring them on somebody's Hollywood face
or could have they crept and broken their bones?

wake up when the moonlight's gone to have the chance of getting a glow,
the city has thrown its blanket onto the sky, and nothing is shown.

the last of the villains stare and still remains in the glazed sky
vesper rays and midnight eyes, tell us how the dome was made.

And how I tried to do the best and reach the most
but I soon realized that was more what I've lost.
I was much amazed by that shiny place I couldn't have substance,
what have I done?

Living in a waterfall makes it harder to be hold,
but still I behold the place where It was,
and then It explodes.

The last of the Villains is
Watching from its funeral pyre,
We can enjoy its light, dreaming for our last desire.